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Sustainability stakeholders framework

In Direct impact

Motivating consumers

To effective drive top-line growth with triple-bottom-line thinking with consumers, this company should 

  1. Design and promote products and services to make consumption meaningful.
  2. Take a mission driven approach when marketing sustainable products and services
  3. Communicate their sustainability story in a way consumers find personal and relevant
  4. Activity engage consumers using social media, online and word-of-mouth communication
  5. Educate, educate, educate consumers



Consumers are voting with their money for products that align with their personal values

Consumers are increasingly willing to pay higher price for more sustainable products and services

Companies must communicate sustainability in an authentic and transparent way, focusing on consumer’s motivations

Companies should educate, engage, and encourage consumers on sustainability on topics like mindful consumption, life cycle thinking and proper product disposal.


Collaborating with customers

To effective drive top-line growth with triple-bottom-line thinking with customers, this company should 

  1. Understand and strive to align with customer’s sustainability mandates and goals
  2. Offer innovate sustainable product and services that help customers grow their businesses
  3. Work with customers to identify and reduce non-value-added supply chain costs
  4. Help customers plan for and make decisions that meet existing and emerging sustainability challenges


Companies are partnering with customers and aligning their goals and initiative to maximize synergistic benefits

Companies are designing their product and services offerings to meet customers’ sustainability objectives

Companies must proactively participate in customers’ choice promoting, consumer education, and employee engagement activities 

Industry partnerships are increasingly employing company customers collaboration to deliver social benefits 

B2B companies are realizing value from exploiting underutilized, latent assets across the value chain.



Inspiring employees 

To effective drive top-line growth with triple-bottom-line thinking with employees, this company should 

  1. Seek employees’ input when formulating internal and external/community-related sustainability programs
  2. Provide a framework so that sustainability programs and initiatives support the company’s goals
  3. Make sustainability part of its employees objective-setting and performance-appraisal  processes
  4. Crate a sustainability ecosystem where its employees are engage and thrive


Engaging employees in sustainability helps with recruiting and retention, while motivating them contributes to sustainability business metrics that drive business success

Creating a sustainable business ecosystem is an excellent way to demonstrate a business’s commitment to issues that matter to a company’s workforce

Companies are most successful when constructing and implementing a business ecosystem in a way that is consistent with existing business processes and goals


Investing in individual and group employee engagement program, paper and regular communication, and adequate metric tracking and measurement are the way in which companies can build best-practice sustainability programs that drive business result