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Sustainability stakeholders framework

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Leveraging media

To effective drive top-line growth with triple-bottom-line thinking with media, this company should 

  1. Leverage the media to curate, organize, and disseminate globally sustainability-related news and initiatives to the media
  2. Monitor and engage existing and emerging social media channels; maintain consistency of message 
  3. Enable media so as to shape the future of sustainability in an unbiased way
  4. Partner with media to promote sustainable behaviors and practices


Collaboration between companies and the media creators yields a more sustainability-focused culture

Companies are learning to balance legacy media tools with new online and mobile media in engaging ways

The media plays several important roles in promoting sustainability, including screener, supporter, practitioner, and educator

Companies can best leverage the media’s power when managing a sustainability-related crisis by communicating sustainability stories in an engaging, authentic, transparent way 

Companies can develop values-aligned partnerships with media to create a competitive advantage



Engaging goverment 

To effective drive top-line growth with triple-bottom-line thinking with government, this company should 

  1. Take a proactive sustainability-driven rather than compliance-driven mindset to set an agenda
  2. Provide resources and leadership to create an industry “think-thank-like” group to address sustainability concerns
  3. Utilize lobbying influence to shape future legislation and related regulations with triple-bottom-line thinking
  4. Participate in public and private partnerships that tackle existing and emerging community and environmental issues

A government’s success is reflected by its ability to grow and develop sustainable societies, inclusive of businesses

Government’s role, from a long-term perspective, is to develop human capital; to fund science, innovation, and infrastructure; and to provide incentives for investment

Companies can shape government sustainability agendas by lobbying as an industry, providing technical know-how, and partnering with government to address societal issues



Partnering with NGOs 

To effective drive top-line growth with triple-bottom-line thinking with NGOs, this company should

  1. Vet and select the right partner NGOs
  2. Seek advice from partner NGOs when considering expansion or entry into new markets
  3. Nurture NGOs relationships, just as it would with any other business partner
  4. Proactively manage business continuity risks, working closely with trusted NGO partner